Older Items of Interest

Attention Earl "Joe" Walsh (15th Det 7th Group): Earl or Anyone Who Knows Him Please Contact Editor (Tim Yoho) 4/9/15

A 2006 Visit To Battlefields and Caves of Okinawa 12/29/14

16th anniversary celebration of PSYOP Regiment at Airborne & Special Operations Museum On November 18th 2014. Invitation Included 11/13/14

Moffett Airfield Home to 7th PsyOp Group Leased to Google for 1.5 Billion. 11/12/14

2014 Reunion of Retired Officers Who Served as Captains in 7th Group 1966-1968 10/6/14

Disney Movie "Operation Dumbo Drop" based on mission of Green Beret John Gantt. 10/19/12
Okinawa: Bastion Of The Pacific. Film Showing Battle of Okinawa and life after until the late 1950's early 60's. 5/4/12
When PsyOps is NOT PsyOps.....Rolling Stone Magazine Article: "Another Runaway General Army Deploys PsyOps on Senate. 2/25/11
The 14th RB&L Bn and Formation of the 14th and 1st Special Forces. 2/2/11
Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) PHOTOS 1/16/11
Mapping of Okinawa and Life in 1955-57. A Non PsyOps Account. 3/15/10
60 Pages of Pictures and Commentary About Okinawa From 1945 Through The 1970's 3/15/10
Korean & WWII PsyWar Documents and Leaflets 11/14/09

PSYOPS in Korea 1968-1975. Submitted by Chris Battis 2/20/09

Covers highlights of major changes up to the deactivation of the 24th PSYOP Detachment, which replaced the Korea Detachment on 4 December 1968. The 24th PSYOP provided all audio and visual, strategic-psychological operations support to the United Nations Command/United States Forces Korea. See "Unit Histories Origin of 24th PsyOp"