EDITOR'S NOTE: The email below was received from Michael James Morton who wanted information about his father Major James "Jimmie" D. Morton who served with the 14th BN and 7th Group as a CW-4 from 1964 until 1967. I left the unit in 1963 so did not this officer. If anyone knew or remember CW-4 Morton please Contact Michael (email).


August 6, 2017

Attention: Tim Yoho

Tim...I am the son of the late Major James "Jimmie" D. Morton, USAR, Ret. (Buffalo Soldier).

My father served with the 7th PSYOPS Group from 1964 until 1st Qtr 1967.  During that period of time he was CW-4 Morton.  I have been seeking to locate any information about him while he was with the Group.  Was he known to you, and, if so, are you aware of any information or photos in regard to him?

I am an alumnus of Kubasaki High School (Class Of 1967), and, our family lived at F-118 Ryusei, Ojana, Ginowan-Shi (i.e., at the top of Ojana Hill) from 1964 to 1965, and, thereafter, at 434 Washington Street, Machinato Military Housing Area, Urasoe-Shi 1965 to 1967.

A considerable amount of my father's work over the years was personnel oriented.  It now appears to me that my father was most likely a Member of B&VA's HQ Company's personnel supervision/administration.  When he retired in Jan 1968 from the 28th Artillery Group (Selfridge AFB, Mt.Clemens, MI) he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal in regard to personnel supervision/management/records work which he performed for the 28th Artillery Group (he transferred from 7th PSYOPS to 28th Artillery in 1st Quarter 1967).

I have pasted some URLs herein below regarding my father's history/background.  I would ask that you do post my email address and any of the URLs, so as any persons who knew him/remember him may research the matter or respond.

Maj. Jimmie D. Morton’s Military Page:

Maj. Jimmie D. Morton's Obituary:

Sincerely yours,

Michael James Morton (email)