Deaths Obits Profiles and Tributes

Major Donald Berger 7th Group Asst S-4 1968 1/2/17

Profile LTC Weldon W. Wilson CO 14th Bn and XO 7th Group 1964-1966 4/18/17

LTC Orion J. Hyde 7th Group 14th Bn 1969-1971

Obit Of Col. Harold F. Bentz Plans Officer 14th PsyOps Hawaii/Okinawa and Commanding Officer 7th PsyOps Group.

March 4, 2016 Passing of Michael Johnson 7th PsyOps 1969-1971

April 10th 2015 Death of Dick Himes, who as member of Air Force, helped build the Deragawa Compound used by the 16th PsyWar/PsyOps Company.4/22/15

Drew "James" Byrd Supply SGT 24th PsyOps Korea 1967-1969. 5/4/13

Death of Jack Kellner (VUNC Korea 1960-62) Noted Radio and TV Personality in Hawaii. 3/6/13

Obit of John S. Gantt, Maj 7th Group S-3 (1969-1971) 10/19/12

Tribute To COL W.M. Lundelius, Commander 7th POG 1966-1968 11/14/09