West Virginia Cemeteries

Most Yoho Family members are buried in WV. The menu below lists cemeteries by county with Marshall and Wetzel having the largest number of grave sites. Marshall and Wetzel Counties appear on this page below menu. Antioch Cemetery in Wetzel and the Peter Yoho Cemetery in Marshall are on separate pages and can be accessed by clicking on location in menu.

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Marshall and Wetzel Counties


Allen Grove Cemetery Sherrard, Marshall County

Antioch Cemetery Wetzel County

Beeler Station Cemetery

Containing 3 known Yoho graves, this cemetery is located on US Route 250 East of Moundsville Marshall Co., WV.

Blake Cemetery Wetzel County

This Cemetery is located on Creswell Ridge in Wetzel County WV. Only Yoho graves are listed.

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The oldest Yoho buried here is Jacob Michael Yoho S/O Lewis Yoho (1818-Aft 1856) and Drucilla Garner (1826-Aft 1856). The oldest Yoho grave is that of Hannah Rebecca Yoho, daughter of Jacob and Hannah.

Buchanan Hill Cemetery

Only two Yoho's are know to buried in Buchanan located on Rt. 250, about 10 miles from Moundsville going toward Pa. State line.

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Burch Brushy Ridge Cemetery

Submitted by Bonnie Van Orden. Additions, in parentheses, submitted by Sylvia Sligar.

Located off Burch Ridge in Marshall Co, WV. Go from Burch Ridge out Brushy Ridge to a lane on the right. About 1/2 mile down this lane there are remnants of an old foundation and what appears to be a well. The cemetery stones are visible from the lane and are inside a farmer's fenced pasture. The three stones are in good condition. One is skewed on its base and another is broken from its base and has been propped up. The round trip takes two hours on foot, since parking isn't allowed.


Cameron Cemetery

Only one Yoho grave is known to be in Cameron Cemetery Located at Main Street in Cameron Marshall Co., WV. This Yoho is unknown. If the dates are correct, Andrew lived to be 106 years old. This is possible but does not seem likely. Anyone having information please contact me.

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Fairview Cemetery

Locatred at Fairview, Marshall Co., WV, at intersection of Burch Ridge Road & Proctor Ridge Road in Marshall Co., WV. One son of old Peter Yoho and his wife are buried here.

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Fluharty Cemetery Wetzel Co.

Fork Ridge Christian Cemetery

This church and cemetery located about 8 miles from Moundsville Marshall Co., WV on Fork Ridge Road. Only two Yoho's are known to be buried here.

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Freedom Cemetery

The Freedom Cemetery is located in the Proctor District of Marshall County WV. A number of Yoho's including my father Herbert and his parents and grandparents lived in Proctor. None of my immediate family is buriend in this Cemetery located 3.2 miles from Silver Hill on Macedonia Ridge, CR 6.  It is on the right side of the road and up on a small knoll. 

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Fredonia Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Rine's Ridge, Marshall County, but I do not know its exact location. Other graves are located here, but only the Yoho graves are listed below.

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Grace Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery

Grace Chapel Methodist Church and Cemetery located on Burch Ridge Marshall Co., WV. The church is no longer standing. it was torn down about 1978. [GPS provided by Mark Myers: N39° 46.161', W80° 49.241']

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Graysville Cemetery

Graysville Church & Cemetery located on Fish Creek Marshall County WV, about two miles from State Rt. 2. This cemetery is in the same area as the Peter Yoho Cemetery.

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Greenlawn Cemetery Moundsville, WV

Greenlawn Cemetery and Mt. Rose cemeteries are located at Moundsville, WV, in back of the former site of Fostoria Glass Factory and 1st Street. The two cemeteries are divided by a row of large trees.

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Greenlawn Cemetery New Martinsville, WV

Green lawn is located in New Martinsville Wetzel County WV on State Route 2. This cemetery contains two WWI veterans.

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Halcyon Cemetery

HALCYON HILLS MEMORIAL CEMETERY is located on Route #88 in Sherrard, between Wheeling and Moundsville, WV.

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Harmony Cemetery

Harmony is a large cemetery Located near Burton in Cottontown East of route 250.  Only two Yoho's are know to be buried here.

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Highland Cemetery, Cameron WV

This cemetery contains 26 acres of land which was purchased from S. B. Dallison in 1906. Located on the outskirts of the town of Cameron, in Cameron District, Marshall Co. WV.

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Highland Cemetery Wetzel Co. WV

This cemetery is on Rt 89 and about four miles from Proctor.  It is located to the left of the old Highland School and before the turnoff to Newman Ridge.

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  • PARSONS, Mary Addie Yoho d/o Meshack & Emily Yoho and w/o John Parsons (divorced) 1873 - 1945
  • YOHO, Emily w/o Meshach 1843 - 1897
  • YOHO, James Wellington s/o Meshach & Emily Yoho 1871 - 1900 PICTURE
  • YOHO, Mary R. w/o James W. Yoho 1869 - 1931
  • YOHO, Meshach s/o James & Mary E. Garner Yoho 1842 - 1913


Knights of Pythias Cemetery

This cemetery is on a hill to the East of Highway 20, 1.9 miles South of Pine Grove.  It is quite large and still in use.

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Lieuts - Bates Cemetery

This cemetery is on located at the South end of Jacksonburg, Wetzel County WV. For complete listing of burials Click. Only one Yoho is known to be buried here.

Limestone Cemetery

Limestone Cemetery is located on Rt. 250 about ten miles from Moundsville WV.

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McKimmie Cemetery Wetzel Co.

Moore Cemetery

This cemetery is located East of Wileyville on Postlethwait Ridge, near Dulaney.  It is 1.5 miles from Route 7.

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Morris Cemetery

A small cemetery with only 14 graves listed, this cemetery is located on the John Sapp farm and is on the hill above his home on Morris Run.

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Mt Hobart Cemetery Rine's Ridge

Mt. Hobart Church and Cemetery are located on Rine's Ridge, Franklin District, just a few miles from Fredonia Church.

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Mt Joy Cemetery Marshall Co.

Mt. Joy is on Pleasant Ridge just west of the Pleasant/Greenfield/Macedonia Ridge(s) in Marshall Co., WV.

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Mt Rose Cemetery Moundsville

Northview Cemetery East Wetzel County WV

Northview is a large cemetery located in New Martinsville WV on the East side of the highway.

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Northview Cemetery West New Martinsville WV

This section of the cemetery is located on the West side of the highway. A number of my family are buried here. For a complete listing Click.


Pioneer Cemetery Coffield Ridge

Located about seven miles from Proctor off Rt. 89. Turn off onto Coffield Ridge, go to next forks of the road, turn left and go about a mile. This cemetery has one of old Peter Yoho's sons William. Cobb & Mary Yoho as well as Clara L. Yoho are unknown.

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Riverview Cemetery Moundsville WV

Riverview is a large cemetery located on Round Bottom Hill via Alt Route #2 South of Moundsville, WV. A large number of Yoho's are buried here including my parents, sister, and grandparents. I also have a grave listed but fortunately I presently do not occupy it.

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Roberts Ridge Cemetery Marshall Co., WV

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Probably buried here: James Dudley Yoho s/o Peter Yoho and Mary Jane Mayhall 1846 - ?

Wolf Run Presbyterian Cemetery

Follow Rt 250 from Moundsville to Pleasant Valley, turn left on first road from Pleasant Valley, follow this road to the first junction turn right and follow road just a short distance to the church and cemetery.

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Yoho (Chrisswell Ridge) Cemetery Wetzel Co.

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Yoho (Speckled Henry) Cemetery

Directions provided by T. Vernon Anderson: This cemetery is located almost at the end of Rines Ridge, where Rine & Burch Ridge come together. It is a nice little cemetery surrounded by wrought iron fence on Henry Yoho's farm. This farm was in the Yoho family until last year (1997) when Tom Yoho, Dr. Noel Yoho's son, sold it. Noel's sister lived there until her death in late 1996.

* Epitaph on Henry & Susan's tombstone:
There words were kindness,
Their deeds were love,
Their spirits humble,
They rest above.

Yoho (Isaac ) Cemetery

This Cemetery is across the road from the other Yoho Cemetery on Chrisswell Ridge.  There is only one marker in this cemetery that of Isaac Yoho. This Issac is unknown. If you have information, please contact me

Yoho (MT Hobart Church) Cemetery on Rine's Ridge

According to Sylvia Sligar, this cemetery, not far from Mt. Hobart Church & Cemetery, is badly overgrown, graves sunken, some markers tipped over. It seems to be a Yoho Family Cemetery.

Yoho (Peter) Cemetery Fish Creek Marshall Co.

Yoho (Postlethwait Ridge) Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Postlethwait Ridge which is East of Wileyville on Route 7.  You go out Postlethwait Ridge (Greathouse Hill) for 2.2 miles.  The cemetery is located beside the road and on your right side.  It is on top of the hill overlooking the Stackpole Cemetery. 

Yoho (Unknown Named) Cemetery

This cemetery is Located about 5 miles up Fish Creek from the Peter Yoho Cemetery at the back of a field.