Some comments and updates on the Yohe page, 31 Aug 2017:

Tim, here is some updated information for the Yohe page, based on the research and findings of many people, including Jane Yohe Lahey, John Yohe, Bea Leemhuis, and others, as well as on some of my own work. 

Re: Richard and Scott Yohe Origin of Name:

Y-DNA results to date strongly suggest that Michael's mother (Maria Barbara Joh) and father (Georg Conrad Joh) are not cousins, at least on the Joh side.  Maria Barbara is the sister of immigrants Adam, Jacob, and (almost certainly) George; Y-DNA from George descendants does not come close to matching that from Michael descendants.  See

Re: Chris Stern Origin of Name:

Johann Adam and Johann Jacob are indeed brothers.  Johann Michael is half-brother of Maria Barbara's husband and thus probably not related on the Joh side (see above). 

Maria Barbara is the mother of Johann Michael Joh who came to the U.S. in 1754, with his mother and stepfather, on the brigand Mary & Sarah. The Michael who came on the Albany is, as noted above, Maria Barbara’s brother-in-law; he is also Godfather of her son Johann Michael.

Regarding the German ancestry, Jane Yohe Lahey obtained information on our German ancestry from the Beerfelden Ortsippenbuch (I don’t know the date she was in Germany, but probably in the 1990’s or early 2000’s), from which I have taken the following updates:

Hans Joh and Christina Scheuermann did have a son Oswald, but I’ve seen no evidence that he emigrated. 
Hans Peter, son of Hans, m(1) Anna Elizabeth Urich, and they had a daughter Anna Barbara (1719), and a son Johann Michael (1721) who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1749 (see below).  He m(2) Eva Catharina Dörsam; they had a son Georg Conrad (1723) who m Maria Barbara Joh[an].  Eva Catharina died  in Mar 1754.
The Hans Georg shown here died in 1723.

Records show a  Hans Peter and Anna Eva Joh producing a son Hans Peter (1729).  It is possible that the records are in error, and the younger Hans Peter is the brother of Georg Conrad (1723).

Hans Georg Joh (1679) m Anna Margaretha Seip (not Ulrich).
Their sons Johann Adam (1722) and Johann Jacob (1724) immigrated in 1749 (see below).
Their son Johann George (1714) is almost certainly the George who immigrated in 1737.
Their daughter Maria Barbara (1717) is the one who m(1) Georg Conrad Joh; m(2) Michael Lehn; and immigrated in 1754 with her son [Johann] Michael (1746).  Note that the men tended to drop their saint names when they came to America.
Their daughter Anna Maria (1715) m Laurentz Maurer and immigrated in 1754, along with her illegitimate daughter Eva Catharina Joh.
Hans Georg and Anna Margaretha had eight other children, but there is no record that they had a son William; and there is no record that any others came to America.

As noted above, Maria Barbara who married Georg Conrad is the daughter of Hans Georg and Anna Margaretha (Seip) Joh, and not of Hans Peter and Anna Elizabeth (Urich) Joh.

There is much more information in the Ortsippenbuch records; I have only updated the information that appears here.

Re: With Regard to Jacob and William Joh:

Bea Leemhuis is still very active in research, and probably should be allowed to add to her own contribution.  I will say that Jacob is mentioned in the will of George and in the estate settlement of his wife Elizabeth, and there are a number of DNA matches between descendants of Jacob and descendants of other children of George; so we would regard it as certain that Jacob is George’s son.

Re: Jacob and William Yoh/Joh in Schuylkill Co PA:

William's estate papers do not suggest that he had a son Adam.

Both the Adam and the George mentioned here are sons of the immigrant Adam (1722-1785); they are distinct people.  George enlisted in the Northampton County Militia under the name of Adam because, according to his pension papers, he didn't want his father to know.  George married Catharine Ford
in 1803 and they ran hotels in Philadelphia until they died, he in 1838 and she in 1840.  George may have had an earlier marriage; that question is still the subject of research.

Regarding the footnote, the William you mention there is the son of Caleb Yohe, who did run the Eagle Hotel in Bethlehem; and you're right, he is not this William.  He is the father of Mary Augusta "May" Yohe of Hope Diamond fame (there is now a book, Madcap May: Mistress of Myth, Men, and Hope by Richard Kurin, published in 2012).  William’s father Caleb is the son of Jacob, son of Peter, son of the immigrant George.

Re: Joh Passenger List:

Here are the Yohe/Yoho immigrants I’ve found:


Birth Year

Imm Date



Johan Georg Joh


05 Oct 1737

Bilander Townshead from Amsterdam (p. 110)

Johannes Johe/Joho

09 Sep 1738

Snow Two Sisters, from Amsterdam (p. 118)

Adam Joh


02 Sep 1749

Albany, from Rotterdam (p. 194)

Jacob Joh


02 Sep 1749

Albany, from Rotterdam (p. 194)

Michael Joh


02 Sep 1749

Albany, from Rotterdam (p. 194)

Hans Peter Joh*

26 Oct 1754

Brigand Mary and Sarah, from Amsterdam (p. 346)

Peter Joh

26 Oct 1754

Brigand Mary and Sarah, from Amsterdam (p. 345)

Michael Lehn*

26 Oct 1754

Brigand Mary and Sarah, from Amsterdam (p. 345)

Maria Barbara Lehn


26 Oct 1754

d/o Hans Georg; w/o Georg Conrad; w/o Michael Lehn

Michael Joh


26 Oct 1754

Brigand Mary and Sarah, from Amsterdam, with stepfather
Michel Lehn and mother (p. 345)

Lorentz Mauerer*

26 Oct 1754

Brigand Mary and Sarah, from Amsterdam (p. 345)

Anna Maria Joh Maurer


26 Oct 1754

d/o Hans Georg; w/o Lorentz Mauerer

Eva Catherina Joh


26 Oct 1754

Ill. d/o Anna Maria Johe (later m. Lorentz Maurer),
sister of Adam and Jacob

Conrad Yough or Jauch


21 Oct 1754

Bannister, from Amsterdam (p. 696)


The Peter and Hans Peter who immigrated in 1754 may have been father and son, and Peter may have been the father of Georg Conrad and grandfather of Michael (1746).  These questions are still in the research stage.

Re: Yoha Connection:

The Mansfield, Ohio Yohas are descendants of the immigrant George through his son Michael (c1748-1785).

Re: More Yoha and May Yohe and The Hope Diamond

See above for the book about May Yohe.

Eli Yoha is the son of Michael Yohe Jr, son of Michael (c1748-1785) -- see above, Eli is the one who changed the surname to Yoha. 

Re: Sources of Johe/Yohe History:

Ralph Yohe passed away 21 Dec 1994 at age 74.

Ruth Berg Kirchner passed away 4 Jan 2009 at age 98.


Re: Yohe web pages:

All three of these links are broken.  A current source of Yoh/Yohe history is (account required, but is free to Yohe researchers)

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